3 New Features in Adobe Creative Cloud 2015


Adobe makes some of our favorite document creation and technical illustration software, so we were eager to explore the new updates in Adobe Creative Cloud 2015. Here are three of the most exciting Adobe CC 2015 features:

1. Mobile App Integration

Creativity strikes our team all the time. Adobe apps let us sample colors on the go ( Color), sketch layouts on a digital napkin ( Draw and Comp), capture inspiring outlines ( Shape), and more.

One new app, Preview, shows us what our Photoshop creations will look like on actual mobile devices. This real-time approach is taking our quality control to the next level.

2. Faster Rendering in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator

We use Adobe InDesign to lay out all kinds of business documents, and we use Illustrator to design marketing creatives and technical illustrations for user manuals.

Adobe has improved its “Mercury Performance System” to let us move around faster in these applications at higher resolutions. This is helping us deliver graphics to our clients sooner than ever.

3. Find Photos with Adobe Stock

There is no shortage of stock photos on the Internet, but finding good ones without infringing on copyrights takes time. Adobe Stock centralizes 40 million images within the tools we already use. We love the convenience factor, and having another source means there’s less chance of reusing a competitor’s tired content.

So we’re thrilled with how Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 is helping us deliver great projects to our clients. If you have a project you need written, formatted, drawn, or whatever, tell us how we can help you make it your best work yet.

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