The Language of Star Wars – Part 1

The Star Wars fanosphere is abuzz with anticipation for Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Will the iconic language styles of trilogies past be reflected in the new films?

Funny (Non)definitions

Disclaimer: You won’t find any of these definitions in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary: Arbitrator: n. A cook that leaves Arby’s to work at McDonalds Avoidable: v. What a bullfighter tried to do Burglarize: n. What a crook sees with Counterfeiters: npl. Workers who install kitchen cabinets Eclipse: v. What an Cockney barber does for a living Eyedropper: …

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Backronym Whimsy

A while back, we wrote an article about retronyms. Now it’s time for more Word People whimsy! Do you know what a “backronym” is? If not, you soon shall. A backronym is a reverse acronym. (Alternative spelling: bacronym) It’s an expression that has been formed from the letters of an existing word or name. Examples …

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14 Ways to Break Writer’s Block

When your livelihood depends upon your ability to write, writer’s block is like a power outage. Your mind goes dark, and you have no idea when the lights will come back on. Here are 14 time-honored ways to break writer’s block: Take a break. Overworking your brain can make it just shut down. Surf the …

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We Traded In Our Office for Productivity

All ProEdit employees work from home now. For a company that’s had an office for decades, “going virtual” is a major shift in how we do business. The benefits have been immediate.

3 Mistakes You Learned in English Class

Language is alive. It’s changed a lot since Mr. Keating’s English class. To keep your writing current, here are three outdated rules that you can finally break: 1. Use two spaces after a period. Back in typewriter days, teachers taught students to type two spaces after periods. Computers have changed everything. Programs are now designed …

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