Fast Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

Productivity-Boosting Keyboard Shortcuts for Writers

Speed up your everyday writing workflow with these basic keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word. Sometimes mouse-work can be slow and tedious. Here are a few essential PC keyboard shortcuts you can use to get more done in less time! Ctrl + A Select all Ctrl + C Copy Ctrl + V Paste Ctrl + F …

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3 Mistakes You Learned in English Class

Language is alive. It’s changed a lot since Mr. Keating’s English class. To keep your writing current, here are three outdated rules that you can finally break: 1. Use two spaces after a period. Back in typewriter days, teachers taught students to type two spaces after periods. Computers have changed everything. Programs are now designed …

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[ENTERTAINMENT] 13 Ridiculous Southern Expressions

Have you have ever spoken with anyone from ProEdit? If so, you quickly realized that most of us are from the South (Cumming, GA, specifically). Folks say we talk kinda funny. We think we sound quite normal. Here are 13 Southern expressions. Are they weird? You be the judge: “Like a cat on a hot tin roof.”Cats …

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[CONTENT DEVELOPMENT] Don’t Read Today’s Blog Post!

Maybe telling people that they shouldn’t read your blog post is a lousy idea for actually getting people to read your blog post. But the point is made, nonetheless. You’re here. This week’s post is about how to write attention-getting titles for your blog posts. Here are some templates that you can put to immediate …

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What Is a Morpheme?

Most Word People love morphemes, but they may not even know it. A “morpheme” is a word or a part of a word that has a meaning and that contains no smaller part that has a meaning. An example is probably the best way to explain this concept. Let’s begin with the lexical item nation …

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Most Common Errors Editors Find

7 Most Common Errors Found by Editors

The English language seems to have an exception for every rule, and that makes it difficult to edit documents and make them seamless. In addition, each style guide has different rules, which can make editing confusing and daunting. It is extremely important to make editing a part of your process to maintain credibility and professionalism. …

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Avoiding Gender Bias in Writing

Tips for Avoiding Gender Bias in Writing

In the past, it was considered acceptable to simply refer to a person as he or him or man. However, along with the deeper and long overdue integration of women into the workforce came more respect for women as individuals. We must show that respect in our writing. This can be difficult because gender bias …

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