Are you a retronymaniac? Not sure? Perhaps you should consult with your favorite Word Person for a diagnosis. This week’s article explores this often used element of language…the retronym. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines retronym as “a term (such as analog watch, film camera, or snail mail) that is newly created and adopted to distinguish the …

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3 Mistakes You Learned in English Class

Language is alive. It’s changed a lot since Mr. Keating’s English class. To keep your writing current, here are three outdated rules that you can finally break: 1. Use two spaces after a period. Back in typewriter days, teachers taught students to type two spaces after periods. Computers have changed everything. Programs are now designed …

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What Is a Morpheme?

Most Word People love morphemes, but they may not even know it. A “morpheme” is a word or a part of a word that has a meaning and that contains no smaller part that has a meaning. An example is probably the best way to explain this concept. Let’s begin with the lexical item nation …

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Arrow signs saying forwards and backwards

Fun with Palindromes

What in the world is a palindrome? A palindrome is a word or sentence that reads the same forward as it does backward. Here are some cool palindromes for your amusement. Can you make up some of your own? aibohphobia alula cammac civic deified deleveled detartrated devoved dewed evitative Hannah kayak kinnikinnik lemel level madam …

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Antithesis Comic Take Me to Your Leader

Antithesis: A ProEdit Web Comic

Created by Johnathan Cunningham with Andrew Plonski. Written by Casey LaRue, Turney Foshee, and Johnathan Cunningham. Illustrated by Glen Malecki. © Copyright 2014, ProEdit, Inc.


10 Most Commonly Misspelled Words on Resumes

Friends don’t let friends press Send without first proofreading their resumes. Here are the ten most commonly misspelled words found on resumes and the tricks to ensure they don’t get overlooked. 1. Accommodate Remember that the most accommodating folks give you two of everything—like two C’s and two M’s. 2. Personnel Personnel refers to a …

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Consistency is key.

“I Would Ask for Consistency First of All”

The beauty of language is its function and its form. Language’s function is to communicate to others; language’s forms can be varied and many, but we editors chiefly concern ourselves with language in its written form. Communicating ideas, analyses, and directions, or narrating stories, dreams, and jokes enhances the human experience. It allows you to …

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Since You Asked…

“I write because nobody listens” seems to fit the bill for the writers of the world. We find that our voices may seem small, or go unnoticed, until we put the pen to paper. Once our thoughts escape our minds, pass over our mouths, travel to our hands, and become written words, the world seems …

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