[ENTERTAINMENT] Halloween Jokes

Here’s an idea. Dress up as a scary clown for Halloween, and tell some of these candy-corny jokes at a party. The ghosts, I mean guests, will most certainly be horrified! Happy Halloween! Q: What do ghosts eat for supper?A: Spooketi! Q: What do you do when 50 zombies surround your house?A: Hope it’s Halloween!! …

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Antithesis Comic Take Me to Your Leader

Antithesis: A ProEdit Web Comic

Created by Johnathan Cunningham with Andrew Plonski. Written by Casey LaRue, Turney Foshee, and Johnathan Cunningham. Illustrated by Glen Malecki. © Copyright 2014, ProEdit, Inc.

Does Anybody Remember Schoolhouse Rock?

We miss “Schoolhouse Rock.” If you are old enough to have played Pong (and actually enjoyed it), you probably remember one of our favorites, “Conjunction Junction.”

Earliest Recorded Job Interview

Earliest Recorded Job Interview

Where Do You See Yourself in 50 Moons Time? One of our recruiters, while engaged in a quest to locate talented technical writers and instructional designers, inadvertently stumbled upon an item of profound historical significance. When she revealed her discovery to her coworkers, they encouraged her to share her find with the world for the …

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