Convert PowerPoint Slides to Google Slides for Online Teaching

Convert PowerPoint Lessons into Google Slides for Online Teaching

Google Slides is a popular presentation tool for many educators, both in the classroom and online. If you’re still using PowerPoint for sharing content, read on to discover the benefits and ease of converting lessons into Google Slides for dynamic presentations.

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Elearning Development and the Instructional Design Process

Elearning delivers information over the web to your associates, customers, and the public. Start small by redesigning existing slide decks into video presentations. Or, upgrade to a custom, interactive elearning program for your online learning management system, or LMS. Elearning development begins with…


Just What Are SCORM and AICC?

AICC and SCORM are recognized elearning design and development standards. Using AICC and SCORM requires a clear understanding of what they are.

Fun Storyline Activities

Fun Activities for Elearning Using Articulate® Storyline®

Have you ever had to sit through a class where the teacher had one mode: monotony?  There weren’t any engaging activities or riveting class discussions, and you watched the second hand on the clock while doodling instead of taking notes. As an elearning developer, you have the opportunity to make up for those torturous courses …

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Elearning – Lectora

Lectora® is a suite of elearning authoring tools – Inspire, Publisher, Online, Integrator, and Snap! – offered from Trivantis. Lectora® Inspire allows users to build elearning courses through flash content creation, screen-capture functionality, recording capabilities, and more. The program also includes built-in resources, like wizards and templates. to make developing courses fast and easy, and …

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Articulate® Storyline 360 | Elearning Authoring

Articulate® Storyline 360 is an elearning authoring application that is easy to learn, yet capable of producing complex presentations. Storyline uses a slide-based approach for creating content. Users organize information on slides and customize features that make the slides interactive and dynamic. Some of my favorite features of Storyline include its intuitive interface, varied options for interactive …

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Adobe Captivate 6 | Elearning Authoring

The following article discusses a legacy product. Adobe® Captivate® 6 is an authoring tool that helps developers create interactive elearning content for the Web and mobile devices. Adobe® Captivate® offers many unique features in content development, interaction, multimedia, and publishing for creating dynamic and effective elearning. Content Development Users can import existing Microsoft® PowerPoint 2010 …

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Camtasia | Elearning Authoring

In our previous article series, we explored different LMSs in today’s market and took a closer look at the role they play in helping businesses design and conduct corporate training and education initiatives. Companies are filling LMSs with online, self-paced curricula in the form of elearning, which is quickly becoming a popular and effective way …

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