Convert PowerPoint Slides to Google Slides for Online Teaching

Convert PowerPoint Lessons into Google Slides for Online Teaching

Google Slides is a popular presentation tool for many educators, both in the classroom and online. If you’re still using PowerPoint for sharing content, read on to discover the benefits and ease of converting lessons into Google Slides for dynamic presentations.

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Elearning Development and the Instructional Design Process

Elearning delivers information over the web to your associates, customers, and the public. Start small by redesigning existing slide decks into video presentations. Or, upgrade to a custom, interactive elearning program for your online learning management system, or LMS. Elearning development begins with…

How to Create Better User Manuals Video Poster

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Discover helpful how-to videos for writers, editors, instructional designers, and hiring managers.


Just What Are SCORM and AICC?

AICC and SCORM are recognized elearning design and development standards. Using AICC and SCORM requires a clear understanding of what they are.

Getting Started: Advice for Landing Your First Instructional Design Job

The growing field of instructional design presents many job opportunities for those looking to break into the field. So, how do you stand out from the competition when you’re just getting started? There are several things you can do to improve your chances of landing an instructional design job that’s just right for you! Evaluate …

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How to Determine the Best Training Solution for Your Team

Determining the most effective training solution for your team can be challenging. Should you find an instructor for classroom-based or virtual training? Or, should you look into online, self-paced training? Before we discuss the factors that affect your training solutions, let’s take a look at the primary differences between instructor-led and self-paced training. Instructor-Led Training …

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5 Adult Learning Techniques to Improve Your Training Programs

Adults and K–12 students have distinctly different learning styles, mostly because of life experience and maturity levels. For the most part, adults choose to be in a learning environment; they understand how the content applies to their lives, and they see a direct connection between learning the material and being more successful. Understanding the motivation …

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