What Emailing Was Like in 1984

We’ve become so intertwined with technology that it feels like talking is turning into a secondary form of communication. Do you know how complicated it once was just to send an email or instant message? Check out this little time capsule from 1984.

[TECHNOLOGY] History of the Mouse

First, there was a feather pen and an inkwell. Then came the typewriter. Now wordsmiths use a keyboard and mouse. But where did the mouse come from, and what will it look like in the future? Join us as we scroll the history of the humble computer mouse. 1952 – First Trackball The first device …

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Articulate® Storyline 360 | Elearning Authoring

Articulate® Storyline 360 is an elearning authoring application that is easy to learn, yet capable of producing complex presentations. Storyline uses a slide-based approach for creating content. Users organize information on slides and customize features that make the slides interactive and dynamic. Some of my favorite features of Storyline include its intuitive interface, varied options for interactive …

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Articulate Studio | Elearning Authoring

In our previous article series, we explored different LMSs in today’s market and took a closer look at the role they play in helping businesses design and conduct corporate training and education initiatives. Companies are filling LMSs with online, self-paced curricula in the form of elearning, which is quickly becoming a popular and effective way …

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Up-and-Coming Learning Management Systems

Up-and-Coming Learning Management Systems

Businesses are more and more frequently using LMSs to enhance online training and elearning initiatives, making these systems increasingly key parts of instructional design and employee training. These articles are to share high-level views of some of the major LMSs for: Instructional designers and training professionals trying to stay up to date with all the …

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