Engineering Recruiters: Trainers, Writers, and Editors

ProEdit serves companies within the Engineering industry by providing technical writing and editing services, web content copy, production of manuals and documents, graphic design illustrations, and instructional design training.

Engineering creatively applies scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge to problems through a myriad of approaches and processes. Good engineering solutions require effective communication.

Why ProEdit is Different

We understand information development better than anyone else does.

Most general recruiters lack a solid grasp on what instructional designers and technical writers do. ProEdit has had decades of practice finding and staffing only the best candidates in information development. Our own robust team of technical writers and instructional designers helps us recognize top talent when we see it.

We recommend the best candidates.

  1. We maintain the largest database of information developers, with well over 60,000 professionals. We can help you find precisely what you are looking for.
  2. We use social media and other tools to expand our candidate pool.
  3. Our meticulous selection process ensures that we are consistently identifying only the best candidates for your engineering needs.

We are creative.

We view every job as a challenge and strive to always exceed expectation. We adjust our recruiting methods to achieve the best solutions for each of our engineering clients.

We are certified by the American Staffing Association. We are guided by integrity and recruiting best practices.

Learn More About Our Candidates

Instructional Designers

Instructional designers and trainers streamline business by teaching:

  • Software
  • Products
  • Policies
  • Regulations
  • Sales tools
  • Quality assurance

They design elearning to train employees and standardize processes. Our instructional designer network is among the largest in the industry.

Technical Writers

Technical writers have a unique skill set that makes them different from other writers.

A team of technical writers founded ProEdit in the 1990s, and we remain true to our roots.

ProEdit consistently staffs top technical writers with technical experience in a variety of industries.


Good editors strengthen companies by creating professional, accurate, and compliant business communication.

We understand the latest editing technology, responsibilities, and standards.

No other recruiting agency is as qualified as ProEdit to deliver exceptional editorial staff.

Content Developers

Content developers are effective writers, bloggers, graphic designers, social media managers, and other creatives.

They generate marketing and other kinds of content for savvy businesses.

ProEdit consistently sources the most innovative and talented content developers.

Marketing Professionals

Our marketing professionals’ creativity, verbal skills, and technical ability make them the most sought-after talent in North America.

We staff marketing associates, specialists, and executives.

Our business communication focus means we staff the best writers and presenters.

Business Analysts

Business analysts evaluate business processes and infrastructure to build business cases for investments and change.

We find business analysts with the analytical skill to make wise recommendations and the communication skills to explain and implement them.

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