Hire Trainers, Writers, and Editors in Boston

ProEdit staffs creatives and information developers for Boston-area industries.

Boston is a deeply cultural and philanthropic community with a cherished history and some of the country’s most enthusiastic sports fans. The city is a thriving international center for higher education, medicine, and finance, and ProEdit is proud to recruit Boston’s most innovative talent.

ProEdit’s own team also provides training and project services.

Instructional Designers

Instructional designers develop training materials to standardize processes and to expand employees’ ability. Boston-area manufacturers protect their workers by teaching them how to use machinery correctly. Finance companies and insurance providers train their associates on policies and sales tactics. ProEdit recruits the most capable instructional designers for our clients.

Technical Writers

Technical writers create user-friendly documents for hardware and software manufacturers in greater Boston. Readability and ease-of-use bolster brand loyalty. Medical researchers benefit when they know how to use instruments correctly and can guide others through cutting-edge processes. There are many technical writers out there, but our expertise in business communication has taught us how to choose the candidates with the best experience.

Content Developers

Our database of content developers in Boston drive web traffic with compelling writing. They evaluate your online presence, develop marketing strategy, and manage content. We can help companies from the North Shore to the Cape and Islands locate the most appealing candidates.


Editors ensure that content is free of errors before it goes to print or is published online. They help companies save face by fixing problems and making business communication as clear and interesting as possible. ProEdit’s recruiters examine applicants to find which ones have the most relevant experience.

Marketing Professionals

Our Boston marketing professionals’ creativity, verbal skills, and technical ability make them the most sought-after talent in the city. We staff marketing associates, specialists, and executives. Our business communication focus means we staff the best writers and presenters in New England.

Business Analysts

Business analysts evaluate business processes and infrastructure. They build business cases for investments and change. We find business analysts with the analytical skill to make wise recommendations and the communication skills to explain and implement them.

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