Staffing for Trainers, Writers, and Editors in Chicago

ProEdit recruits information developers for Chicago’s printing, publishing, finance, insurance, transortation, and manufacturing industries.

ProEdit also offers training and project services in-house.

Instructional Designers

ProEdit maintains an industry-leading database of instructional designers in Chicago. Clients tell us what talent they need, and we find placements who stay put. For example, we helped one major Chicago university that wanted online courseware. Our flexibility is boundless.

Technical Writers

Our nationwide database of technical writers includes the most in-demand creatives in Chicago. Companies depend on our recruiters to find technical writers with unique skills in a variety of industries. Every job has a perfect fit. We find it.


We help Chicago’s most prestigious publishers, transportation companies, and financial institutions recruit the most experienced editors in the Windy City.

Content Developers

Our network of content developers in Chicago drive web traffic with effective writing. Companies from Northbrook to South Holland receive tailored web content with a consistent brand. Copywriters fill in when businesses don’t have the time or experience to give their websites the attention they deserve.

Marketing Professionals

Our marketing professionals’ creativity, verbal skills, and technical ability make them the most sought-after talent in North America.

We staff marketing associates, specialists, and executives.

Our business communication focus means we staff the best writers and presenters.

Business Analysts

Business analysts evaluate business processes and infrastructure to build business cases for investments and change.

We find business analysts with the analytical skill to make wise recommendations and the communication skills to explain and implement them.

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