Denver Recruiters: Trainers, Writers, and Editors

The Mile-High City is a fusion of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure. It’s no wonder that Denver has become a hub for the telecommunications, energy, automotive, and aviation industries. ProEdit serves the Denver area by providing niche business recruiting for trainers, writers, and editors.

The ProEdit team also includes training and project services experts to help with specific projects.

Instructional Designers

Instructional designers develop elearning courseware for firms that want to grow their employees’ skills. Denver-area manufacturers can protect their workers by teaching them how to use machinery correctly. Service providers train their associates on policies and sales tactics. We identify those professionals who can best match clients’ training needs.

Technical Writers

One of our partnerships includes a Denver-based telecommunications company requiring niche technical experience.

Our nationwide reach and our own technical writing experience help us provide the specialized talent our client needs.


Editors polish projects to make them as effective as possible. Nothing is more frustrating that spending money business communication that is hard to understand, inconsistent, or inaccurate. Denver depends on ProEdit to find Colorado’s most meticulous editors.

Content Developers

ProEdit’s community of content developers in Denver fosters web traffic with compelling copywriting.

Businesses from Boulder to Benett receive branded web content designed for their target audience.

Marketing Professionals

Our marketing professionals’ creativity, verbal skills, and technical ability make them the most sought-after talent in North America.

We staff marketing associates, specialists, and executives.

Our business communication focus means we staff the best writers and presenters.

Business Analysts

Business analysts evaluate business processes and infrastructure to build business cases for investments and change.

We find business analysts with the analytical skill to make wise recommendations and the communication skills to explain and implement them.

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