Find Trainers, Writers, and Editors in Raleigh–Durham

ProEdit serves Raleigh–Durham by recruiting the region’s most dedicated information developers.

Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill have achieved competitive excellence in biotechnology, IT, government industry, business services, and education. The Research Triangle is the heart of industry in the Southeast, and ProEdit is privileged to source the area’s best talent.

ProEdit’s own experts can also provide first-class training and project services.

Instructional Designers

Instructional designers develop online and on-site training. Businesses can train every worker how to use technology the same way. Our own instructional design success ProEdit find great candidates in The Triangle.

Technical Writers

ProEdit has the country’s best database of technical writers in the country. As Raleigh–Durham companies design new technology, they will need to publish simple, accurate instructions quickly. We find tech writers with the know-how and personality you need.

Content Developers

Content developers manage a company’s online presence. Firms from Cary to Carrboro use ProEdit to recruit marketing experts to make sure that every new technology generates the buzz it deserves.


Editors write, revise, and publish content. Businesses depend on ProEdit to recruit the best editors in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. We are national leaders in editor staffing.

Marketing Professionals

Our Raleigh-Durham marketing professionals’ creativity, verbal skills, and technical ability make them the most sought-after talent in the city. We staff marketing associates, specialists, and executives. Our business communication focus means we staff the best writers and presenters in the Research Triangle.

Business Analysts

Business analysts evaluate business processes and infrastructure. They build business cases for investments and change. We find business analysts with the analytical skill to make wise recommendations and the communication skills to explain and implement them.

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