Interviewing – What to Do After the Interview


After the Interview

Here are some recommendations for things you can do after the interview to help “seal the deal.”

Thank-You Letters

Follow up immediately with thank-you letters to everyone you interview with. Experts recommend sending them within 24 hours! This means obtaining business cards from each person (or contacting your recruiter for correct contact information). This is critical and can make the difference between getting the job or not.

Some tips for thank-you letters include:

  • Thank-you letters are more highly regarded if they are typed or hand written on note cards and sent through postal mail. Email is acceptable but should only be used if timing is crucial and you need to get the letter there immediately.
  • Mention specifics from the interview, including ways that you can add to the firm’s bottom line, ideas for the future, and points of discussion that arose during the interview.
  • In addition to your standard “thank you for taking time to meet with me”, include a summary statement of what you will do for them if you get the job, and mention that you’re very excited about the opportunity.
  • Make the letter personal. Form letters are useless and could even be considered insulting.
  • If the interviewer asks you to call at a certain date, do so. But calling doesn’t excuse you from writing a follow-up letter. You still need to follow up immediately in writing. You can refer to the forthcoming call: “I look forward to speaking with you on the 26th, as we discussed.”
  • Use the letter to clarify or amplify points that arose in the interview. For example, “In our meeting you mentioned that you were looking for an individual who had the ability to work with all levels. In my position as a technical writer with ABC Manufacturing, I was on a safety committee, which consisted of one supervisor and manager from each department. On that committee, I worked in small teams with those supervisors and managers to come up with new safety procedures each month. This also involved talking to our vice president once a month.”

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