Editing Services

All your content can benefit from review by ProEdit’s professional editing services.

Mishaps such as incorrect word choice and inconsistency can create customer confusion—leading to a “no buy” decision. Grammatical errors can damage your professional image. Put simply, mistakes are costly, and typos are detrimental to your message. That’s why professional editing is a critical part of the writing process.

ProEdit has a team of the best editors in the industry ready to ensure your content is error-free. High-quality content doesn’t happen in isolation. Our editing services team employs a comprehensive and collaborative editing process to bring your content to the next level.

What Do ProEdit’s Editors Check For?

ProEdit’s editing services team reviews your content for the following:

  • Run-on sentences, wordiness, awkward constructions, and vague language.
  • Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
  • Proper syntax and sentence structure.
  • Adherence to your selected style guide, such as the Associated Press Style Guide, Chicago Manual of Style, or your corporate guidelines.
  • Consistency of word usage and formatting.
  • Plagiarism and the use of proper citations.
  • Word count limits and readability scores.

Before we return your manuscript to you, a second ProEdit editor performs a quality assurance review. This brings a fresh set of eyes to the document, ensuring nothing was missed. After you have reviewed the edited manuscript, we will make any needed revisions and perform a final proofreading check.

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What Types of Content Does ProEdit Edit?

ProEdit provides English-language editing of any content you could imagine, and by “any,” we mean we’ve seen it all!

  • Websites, blog articles, and FAQs
  • Manuals, SOPs, knowledge base articles, and user guides
  • Training materials including eLearning, classroom training scripts, and presentations
  • Research papers, white papers, and scholarly manuscripts
  • Advertising and marketing content
  • Social media and press releases
  • Resumes and cover letters

What Are the Types of Editing Services ProEdit Offers?

ProEdit offers many types of editing. Our team does it all, offering editing services tailored to your specific needs, such as:

  • Copy Editing Services: ProEdit’s copy editors review all types of content. They look at the micro level—syntax, grammar, mechanics, punctuation, spelling, messaging, clarity, and tone—to evaluate the clarity and flow of every sentence. Our copy editors ensure that your specified writing and citation styles are followed.
  • Technical Editing Services: Technical editing is specific to the nuances of technical documentation and content. ProEdit’s technical editors make suggestions for improving clarity and readability. They compare the technical content to style guides to ensure formatting and templates are applied correctly.
  • Academic Editing Services: ProEdit offers editing, rewriting, and document formatting services for academic research papers, dissertations, and journal articles. Our team is proficient in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles, and we have experience editing for a wide range of academic disciplines, such as social sciences and computer science. We even edit admissions essays for graduate-level students.
  • Proofreading Services: Our proofreading services provide a final check of pre-production content to ensure that all errors have been caught and corrected and no additional errors have been introduced in the final revision process.

Our editors also perform developmental editing, book editing for published authors, re-editing, and even editing for non-native English speakers.

From the initial draft to the final edit, our team works to ensure the delivery of high-quality editing services for error-free content. And we do it with defined and efficient turnaround times—sometimes within the same day—and affordable pricing.

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Can You Provide an Instant Quote for Editing Services?

No. If only it were that easy! While an instant quote for English language editing based on word count alone might net you some (almost) free editing services, it cannot guarantee you high quality, error-free document. To properly provide a quote for editing services, an editor should review the material to first determine the types of editing needed.

For example, “soliloquize” and “talk” are both single words but vary in complexity. Depending on your target readability score, one term may work better for your content than the other. Trust the experts to know the difference and provide quality editing services based not just on word count but on the true state of your document.

Quotes for ProEdit’s editing services aren’t instant, but they are accurate. For a free editing quote, contact us today!