Proofreading Services

Sometimes a final review can make all the difference. Errors such as misspellings and misused words can impair the functionality and professionalism of your document.

Our proofreading services provide a final check of pre-production content to ensure that all errors have been caught and corrected and no additional errors have been introduced in the final formatting process.

We perform the following services for both electronic and hard copy proofs:

  • Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
  • Compare pre-production files to original edited files to ensure that all necessary changes were made, and check for any omissions or obstructions introduced by the formatting process.
  • Ensure that text adheres to appropriate style guidelines.
  • For files that include translations, text will be checked against the original translations provided by the translation vendor.
  • Enter corrections directly into the electronic file, or mark up hard copy proofs according to client specifications.

Find out how our proofreading services can help you!

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