Why ProEdit?

Our clients choose ProEdit because of our qualifications, team-based structure, and technology capabilities.

Our Qualifications

Since our beginning, ProEdit has developed high-value solutions that incorporate industry-leading methods and technologies. Using our diverse background in the best practices of technical writing, instructional design, recruiting, and our other disciplines, we develop creative yet effective solutions for our clients. We do this using a reliable, systematic, and team-based approach to create customer deliverables.

Experience Creating with Powerful Technology

ProEdit develops content using a variety of industry-leading software products. We write and edit complex machine training guides, exciting user manuals, engaging web copy, and many other kinds of content. We also develop elearning courses ranging from basic “page-turner” modules to courses with complex interactions and branching.

Serving Industries and Learning Quickly

We serve a wide variety of industries and business groups, from agriculture and manufacturing to sales and human resources. To be able to cover such a broad range of industries, ProEdit’s content developers are skilled in subject matter expert (SME) interaction and cooperation. We have to be quick learners and on‑point developers.

Our Team-Based Structure

ProEdit uses a team-based approach. ProEdit assigns a project lead to be each client’s primary point of contact and to coordinate the efforts of our team. Additionally, ProEdit’s project lead works with client stakeholders and SMEs to understand their vision for each deliverable and convey it to the team.

ProEdit’s Project Services team works together closely to ensure our content is cohesive in technique, style, and voice. We also work with stakeholders and SMEs to conduct interviews and fill in any gaps in the information.

Also, our Staffing team works to understand each client’s company culture and vision for new positions at the outset. When all of us know what you’re looking for, we cooperate to keep consistent goals throughout the recruitment process.

Our Project Services Team

  • Project Lead: Throughout the content development or recruiting process, ProEdit’s project lead updates and informs SMEs and other stakeholders. The project lead oversees the project plan, maintains the project schedule and budget, reports project status, and works with clients to ensure the project remains within scope and is delivered on time. At the completion of each deliverable, ProEdit’s project lead conducts a final quality assurance review before delivery.
  • Content Developers: Under the direction of ProEdit’s project lead, our content developers gather information, design the course, and storyboard it. They also work with stakeholders and SMEs to conduct interviews, gather source content, and research data as required. They use a reliable, systematic, and team-based approach to create elearning courses that consistently maximize knowledge transfer and retention.
  • Editors/Quality Assurance: ProEdit’s editors employ a rigorous quality assurance process to make sure all information is accurately represented in the material and that all deliverables meet or exceed client expectations. Our editors review each deliverable using client style guides. They ensure that deliverables are free of errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Project Scheduler: ProEdit’s project scheduler maintains a detailed schedule for the entire training development process. Our scheduler works with our project leader to assign resources, track deliverables, and maintain timelines.

Time and Effort Saved

Here are 10 ways that ProEdit offers superior staffing and project services:

  • Dedicated Project Coordination: ProEdit has a dedicated project coordinator to schedule all client projects, ensuring that deadlines are closely tracked.
  • Project Queues: Once projects are scheduled, ProEdit team members have their own daily project queue.
  • Quality Assurance Process: ProEdit has an industry-leading, proprietary quality assurance process that ensures quality deliverables and minimizes human error.
  • Status Reporting: ProEdit provides a weekly status report to each client project manager.
  • Customer Relationship Management: ProEdit team members always have access to project data and contact information.
  • Training: ProEdit ensures its team members are properly trained in required tools and skills.
  • Project-Specific Training: Before a ProEdit team member begins new work on a client project, they are trained on client project specifics, including requirements and style standards. We also hold internal project retrospectives to learn from our experiences.
  • Speed and Accuracy: ProEdit’s trained editors set metric benchmarks that other editors in the industry cannot match.
  • Team Structure: ProEdit establishes specific teams for each project or phase of a project.
  • Industry Leadership and Experience: ProEdit was founded in 1992 by a veteran of the technical writing, training development, and editing industry. Our established and consistent leadership remains committed to world-class business communication.

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