Technical Writing Process Steps

ProEdit’s technical writing services are built on a time-tested process and reflect best practices from across the industry. Based on the nature of the project and your needs, the number of writing and editing review cycles can vary.

1. Planning Phase

  1. Conduct initial consultation (no charge).
  2. Gather resource material.
  3. Conduct content gathering meeting.
  4. Conduct audience and task analysis.
  5. Create outline.
  6. Create project plan.
  7. Create prototype.
  8. Conduct ProEdit Technical Writing Services team kick-off meeting.
  9. Review outline, project plan, and prototype with customer.
  10. Incorporate customer review changes.

2. First Draft Phase

  1. Write first draft.
  2. Copyedit first draft.
  3. Review first draft with customer.
  4. Incorporate customer review changes.

3. Second Draft Phase

  1. Write second draft.
  2. Copyedit second draft.
  3. Review second draft with customer.
  4. Incorporate customer review changes.

4. Final Draft Phase

  1. Create index.
  2. Proofread final draft.
  3. Deliver final acceptance copy.
  4. Review final acceptance copy with customer.
  5. Incorporate customer review changes, as needed.
  6. Proofread final information product, as needed.
  7. Deliver final information product to customer.

5. Post-project Phase

  1. Conduct post-project review with customer.
  2. Conduct post-project review with ProEdit Technical Writing Services team.
  3. Implement process improvements, as needed.

Additional Information

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