Sarbanes-Oxley Documentation Process

What is ProEdit’s Sarbanes-Oxley (SarBox) documentation process?

ProEdit uses a thorough and cost-effective approach for writing SarBox policies and procedures:



Content GatheringWe will meet with you and your experts to gather any existing material and review our available templates.
Create First DraftBased on the information provided during the Content Gathering meeting, we will write and edit a first draft of the manual.
Review First DraftMS Word files will be provided to the reviewers whom you identify. The first draft review serves two purposes: your staff can note specific changes directly in the Word file, and you can identify specific areas that require interviewing and must be written from scratch. 


Conduct InterviewsProEdit technical writers will meet with your experts to document the identified topics. Our writers are trained in using effective interviewing techniques in order to gather information needed for the documentation.
Create Second DraftBased on the first draft review changes and interviews, we will write and edit the documentation to be a “custom fit” for your needs.
Conduct InspectionWe will provide the second draft for review. We recommend holding a formal inspection meeting. This is a page-by-page review of the document. Your experts and the ProEdit writer will attend the inspection. All outstanding issues are documented and action items are assigned as needed.
Create Final DraftAll issues from the inspection are resolved and the documentation is edited for a final time.
Conduct Acceptance ReviewPrior to final delivery, we will provide an electronic copy of the manual for your acceptance review. The manual should be 100% complete at this point.
Final Changes and DeliveryDelivery of final hardcopy and files.

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