Sarbanes-Oxley Documentation Services

SarBox Documentation Planning Services

ProEdit provides a Sarbanes-Oxley Project Manager to work with you to:

  • Determine the policies and procedures that need to be developed.
  • Identify gaps and deficiencies in your current policies and procedures.
  • Establish the owners/authors of the current and planned policies and procedures.
  • Agree on requirements for publishing and monitoring the information.

Based on this information, the Project Manager creates a project plan, including the requirements, planned approach, schedule, and cost estimate. The Project Manager also creates a sample policy/procedure document for your review.

The end result is a “game plan” to help you achieve SarBox Section 404 documentation compliance.

SarBox Documentation Writing Services

ProEdit will conduct content gathering meetings with your internal controls experts. We create drafts of your policies and procedures. We edit the documents and submit them for your review. We incorporate your review comments to create final drafts for your approval.

We have a Sarbanes-Oxley Documentation Process that we customize for your needs. This process enables us to quickly create your policies and procedures.

SarBox Documentation Editing Services

Perhaps you are using your own resources to write your documentation, but you need someone to edit it. ProEdit provides on-demand editing services that ensure that your policies and procedures are professional and user-friendly.

Documentation effectiveness is key to SarBox Section 404 documentation compliance. Our editing services ensure that your information is effective and easy to understand.

SarBox Documentation Publication Services

ProEdit is familiar with the latest software tools for publishing and managing your SarBox Section 404 documentation. Based on your specific requirements, we recommend a solution that gets the right information to the right people within your organization. We also make sure that tools are in place to report on who is using the information.

ProEdit offers the Sarbanes-Oxley documentation services you need at prices you can afford.

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