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Somewhere out there, talented and hardworking business communications people are searching for awesome jobs where they can make a difference.

Here’s how ProEdit’s staffing team connects great companies with technical writers, instructional designers, trainers, graphic designers, marketers, and other communications job seekers.

Find Business Communications People

First, we share permanent job requisitions and contractor opportunities with our specialized network of 60,000 business communication contacts—qualified professionals we’ve placed in the past or have come to know over time.

We also post positions on select public networks to find candidates with niche skills and experience. Understanding our clients, and what makes a good communicator, allows us to quickly zero in on the most promising prospects.

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Interview Staffing Candidates

Our first round of staffing interviews focuses on skill set. We ask, “What have you done? How did you do it?”

Second interviews explore behavior. We want to know if a candidate and our client’s culture will be a good match.

Next, we review work samples and recommend a slate of top-tier candidates. Then we coordinate your interviews, whether in person, on the phone, or online.

Who you hire is up to you.

Onboard Your Employee or Contractor

From there, we negotiate offers, conduct reference and background checks, and onboard your new resources.

Since 1992, ProEdit’s mission has been “putting people to work.” Let’s solve your talent problems together.

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