Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services

Ready to hire but want to try out a resource before making a long-term commitment? We’re here to help. ProEdit provides contract-to-hire staffing services to help you quickly find the right candidate to suit your requirements. Some of the roles we recruit for include the following:

Contract-to-hire staffing provides a low-risk approach that lets you evaluate a contract worker’s performance before making them a full-time employee.

What is the difference between a contract-to-hire position and a permanent position?

Contract-to-hire positions are just like they sound; a contract worker provides services for a designated period, up to 180 days. At the end of the contract period, you have the option to make the contractor a job offer to convert to full-time employment in a permanent role. If you are not ready to offer them a full-time job, they can stay on as a contractor.

What are some of the benefits of contract-to-hire staffing?

Hiring employees is time-consuming! In an uncertain job market, contract-to-hire staffing offers incredible flexibility to help you manage your costs and time. It enables you to carefully evaluate a candidate’s performance and fit before making a long-term commitment to a full-time employee. Ultimately, contract-to-hire reduces your risk of a bad direct hire.

Hiring a contract-to-hire candidate is faster. You can have a contract worker within 7–10 business days, instead of 30 or more days, which is typical when hiring for a full-time permanent position.

Because independent contractors maintain their own benefits and insurance, you have adequate time to prepare a benefits package before the end of the contract and the transition to a permanent employee. You get the work done while making your hiring decision!

What is the process for a contract-to-hire position?

ProEdit’s staffing and recruiting process reflects 30 years in the field of technical communication—its evolution, standards, and personnel. Our recruiters understand that converting a contract writer or editor to a direct-hire employee is a strategic onboarding process. We recruit candidates with the skill set to meet your job requirements and fit your organizational environment and company culture.

Our recruiters will work closely with you to identify contract workers who match your criteria on all levels. We screen each candidate through the interview process and administer assessments to find a skillset and culture fit.

We check each contractor’s professional references, obtain work samples, and administer criminal background checks. We’re not just looking at what an independent contractor can contribute to your organization now; we’re looking ahead to what they can contribute as a permanent employee in the future.

I am an independent contractor. What are the benefits of contract-to-hire for me?

It’s likely you’ve been an independent contractor for some time—working on your schedule. But maybe you’re looking for a new job with more job security. Or perhaps you are ready to test the waters of taking a full-time position as a permanent employee with employment benefits. If that’s the case, contract-to-hire is the way to go.

ProEdit is not your typical staffing firm or recruiting agency. We serve you and come alongside you on the journey. Because we know the industry we can help you adjust quickly to a new job. We work hard to ensure the onboarding process is smooth.

There are also quite a few perks of working contract-to-hire. You get to work quickly in your new job and learn the company culture. You can experience the work environment upfront. Sometimes, you can control the hours you work until you take that permanent job.

Under what circumstances would a company want to hire on a contract-to-hire basis?

Your company may be in a hiring freeze, limiting you to hiring only contract workers instead of full-time employees. Sometimes, companies choose to hire contractors while they are in the middle of changing health insurance (or other employment benefits) providers. This allows independent contractors to maintain their own benefits until the end of the contract, saving you the stress and cost of adding an employee to your healthcare benefits program mid-enrollment cycle.

Sometimes a backlog in workload leads to recruiting multiple contract workers. At the end of the backlog, you then have the flexibility to direct hire one of the contractors to a permanent position.

What is the cost of ProEdit’s contract-to-hire staffing service?

ProEdit is not your average staffing agency. We aren’t out to fill a chair. We work hard to find you the best employees, with the skillsets that match your requirements and company culture. We keep our costs competitive to ensure you use a trusted industry recruiter to find your next contract or direct hire.

Our cost structure is based on a sliding scale conversion fee. That means there is no upfront recruiting cost to you. You pay for the contract worker’s hours. The longer the contract worker stays on contract, the less the employment contract conversion fee for your new employee.

Standard Rates for Contract-to-Hire Conversion to Permanent Employee

Contract-to-Hire DurationConversion Rate
Less than 60 calendar days20% of the annual salary
From 61 to 120 calendar days15% of the annual salary
From 121 to 180 calendar days10% of the annual salary
More than 180 calendar daysNo conversion fee

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