ProEdit’s Staffing Process

Staffing is an important function of human resource planning. ProEdit has been matching companies with skilled and capable candidates since 1992. Our refined staffing process has been developed through years of industry expertise and valuable feedback from our clients. We handle the numerous managerial functions related to staffing needs, making it easy for you to select the ideal candidate for your open job position.

We offer contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire staffing solutions for writers, designers, editors, instructional designers, eLearning developers, and other business communication professionals. No matter what your resource need is — full-time, part-time, or ongoing, our dedicated recruiters will guide you through a better recruiting process to find the best staffing solution for you.

Planning the Recruiting Process

Our staffing team will collaborate with your hiring managers and human resources team to get a clear understanding of your hiring and business requirements. If you have any doubts or uncertainties about your needs, we will assist you in selecting which hiring solution works best for your business. This could include various functions, such as workforce analysis and forecasting.

Once your staffing needs are determined, the specific job requirements and qualifications to fill vacancies are identified. Next, our expert staff members craft an engaging job description that highlights crucial details about your company and the position.

This includes your core values, corporate culture, and work environment, as well as the perks and incentives that support job satisfaction and retention. The job description can also share the overall mission and business goals for your company, and whatever else that would aid in the selection process of qualified candidates.

Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing

Attracting top talent is crucial in today’s competitive business landscape. The process of staffing also includes marketing to meet a company’s manpower requirements. In order to gain and keep the competitive edge, ensure your job description gets high visibility.

We identify the right candidates for the position based on required skill sets and alignment with your business goals. Then, we use the latest data-driven technologies and social media platforms to distribute the job description to a network of potential new employees. In addition, open job positions are sent out to our internal database of 27,000 professionals in the business communication industry.

Applicants can apply to posted vacancies using our easy, streamlined application process. When top talent can easily locate and apply to your open position, it increases the efficiency of the recruitment and selection process.

Vetting: Finding the Right Candidate for the Right Job

Applicants who best meet the criteria for your job opening undergo two preliminary rounds of interviews. The first-tier interview is facilitated by a ProEdit recruiter and focuses on a candidate’s skill set (like tools, methodologies, certifications, and education) and experience (like industry knowledge and leadership abilities).

If the applicant meets the requirements of the first initial interview, then they progress to the next stage of our process. This second-tier interview is facilitated by a ProEdit account manager, whose objective is to qualify the candidate as a behavioral and cultural fit. During this phase of the selection process, our recruiters will also gather relevant work samples of previous work and carefully evaluate the writing and editing abilities of each candidate.

Our team is fully committed to finding the right candidate who will seamlessly integrate into your organization as a new employee and assist you in achieving your business goals.

Candidate Presentation

ProEdit understands your staffing need isn’t just about filling a job opening. We recognize the business landscape, and the competition to obtain and retain top talent is more challenging than ever. It is for this reason that our staffing services team will only present the most qualified candidates to you for consideration. When our team presents candidate resumes, we include a summary of pertinent information including skills and background, education and certifications, and salary or hourly rate of remuneration.

Our team will consult with you and make recommendations for taking a closer look at candidates who are a better fit and why. Perhaps a candidate shows the potential to excel in more managerial functions; or perhaps with the right training and development, the candidate can show potential to work at a higher level of productivity and make even more of a positive impact on your business. We can share all types of insights about the candidate from our preliminary interviews.

Client Interviews

At ProEdit, we want our clients to make informed decisions, and we put a lot of importance on the client interview phase. The client interview is one of the most important steps in the staffing function and hiring process.

When candidates are presented by a staffing agency, the client interview is crucial for several reasons. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

The interview allows you to get to know our candidates on a personal level, beyond their resumes and work samples. This can help you determine if they would be a good fit for your company culture. By meeting candidates virtually or in person, you get to assess their communication skills, professionalism, and personality.

Selection and Onboarding

Once you have made your selection, we will handle all the necessary documentation, discussions, and assessments of the candidate’s history and references to guarantee that your new team addition is fully equipped to begin their duties. ProEdit’s staffing services team will work with your human resource management and other staffing functions to ensure your new employee or contractor is well-prepared and set for a committed start date.

Performance Appraisals

We value your feedback, and we’ll stay in touch to make sure your new resource is everything you need. Performance appraisals are essential for any organization to assess the effectiveness of their employees and make informed decisions about their future. Any information and feedback you can provide, good and bad, will only help your resource and ProEdit, as your staffing agency partner, continue to improve our quality of services to customers like you!

Ready to hire the best? Let ProEdit’s staffing process lead the way! Contact us now to start hiring top talent.