Avoiding Gender Bias in Writing

Tips for Avoiding Gender Bias in Writing

In the past, it was considered acceptable to simply refer to a person as he or him or man. However, along with the deeper and long overdue integration of women into the workforce came more respect for women as individuals. We must show that respect in our writing. This can be difficult because gender bias …

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Eighth Grade Reading Level

How to Write for an Eighth-Grade Reading Level

When writing documentation, marketing content, or training materials, keeping the audience in mind is an important step in producing effective content. Sometimes, you may be asked to limit your writing to a specific reading level so it’s accessible to a broad range of users. You can monitor the reading level of a document by turning …

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Buffini & Company: Proofreading

Provide ongoing proofreading services for items of value—marketing documents that provide valuable insights for professionals in the real estate industry.

Fast Forward Academy: Editing and Proofreading

Edit the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam Study Guide—a  380-page document that is updated annually to provide IRS enrolled agents with all the necessary information on the current year’s tax code, allowing them to accurately and effectively assist people with their tax returns.

AP Style vs. Chicago Style

Top 5 Tips to Edit and Write in Chicago or AP Style

As a writer, it can sometimes be difficult to transition between writing styles and formats like Chicago style and AP style. For example, I could be asked to write a press release, and then move on to a software documentation project. Although most of the grammar and mechanics are the same, certain styles have particular …

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tech writing best practices

Technical Writing Best Practices

There are many opinions about what good technical writing is. Some focus on the importance of consistency and style, and others on the quality of the writing. In every case, technical writing should always be clear, concise, and easy to use. ProEdit’s technical writing services reflect the industry’s best practices, such as: Analyze the audience. Write …

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