How to Determine the Best Training Solution for Your Team

Determining the most effective training solution for your team can be challenging. Should you find an instructor for classroom-based or virtual training? Or, should you look into online, self-paced training? Before we discuss the factors that affect your training solutions, let’s take a look at the primary differences between instructor-led and self-paced training. Instructor-Led Training …

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5 Adult Learning Techniques to Improve Your Training Programs

Adults and K–12 students have distinctly different learning styles, mostly because of life experience and maturity levels. For the most part, adults choose to be in a learning environment; they understand how the content applies to their lives, and they see a direct connection between learning the material and being more successful. Understanding the motivation …

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Good personality traits for instructional designers

Good Personality Traits for Instructional Designers

For every profession, certain personality types are better equipped for performing job functions. This does not mean that certain personality traits are mandatory to be successful at a job; however, it means that people with these traits will be a more natural fit and that the work likely come easier for them. While we appreciate …

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E-learning for the Multi-generational workplace

Bridging the Gap: Elearning for the Multi-generational Workplace

Does your workforce include “the silent generation,” “baby boomers,” “generation X-ers,” and “millennials?” Employers with workforces that span multiple generations are realizing the need for something more than a one-size-fits-all approach to training. Each generation brings different motivations, work habits, and technology comfort levels to the mix. How can you address the elearning needs of …

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Updating Content Timeline

How to Forecast Updating Your Company’s Content

If you get the feeling of déjà vu when you sit down to revise outdated materials, you aren’t alone. Companies spend countless hours and budgeted dollars keeping their existing content up to date, whether they are refreshing product information manuals, policy and procedure manuals, training materials, website content, or the like. In fact, studies have …

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M-learning Tools

Tools for Mlearning & How to Choose One

“Can I take this training course on my iPad? Smartphone? Tablet?” Many instructional designers have heard that question lately and wondered exactly how to get their course content to fit into a mobile learning environment. Instructional designers (IDs) need to know which tools are fast, friendly, and provide cross-platform functionality and support. Stop and consider …

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Planning an Instructional Design Project

Best Practices for Planning an Instructional Design Project

Successful projects start with detailed planning. Before you even begin the design phase for your instructor-led training (ILT) course or elearning module, you should have a clear understanding of the project, including its requirements, purpose, audience, deadline, and schedule. Building this solid foundation will help keep you organized and on-track. What Are the Requirements? A …

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Fun Storyline Activities

Fun Activities for Elearning Using Articulate® Storyline®

Have you ever had to sit through a class where the teacher had one mode: monotony?  There weren’t any engaging activities or riveting class discussions, and you watched the second hand on the clock while doodling instead of taking notes. As an elearning developer, you have the opportunity to make up for those torturous courses …

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Creating accessible e-learning

Best Practices for Creating Accessible Elearning

When developing elearning content, it’s important to remember that a variety of people will be taking the courses you create. To ensure that everyone has successful learning experiences, there are some best practices to follow for developing accessible elearning. Design Elements With any elearning authoring tool, you can customize the appearance of font style and …

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