Interviewing – What to Do After the Interview

After the Interview Here are some recommendations for things you can do after the interview to help “seal the deal.” Thank-You Letters Follow up immediately with thank-you letters to everyone you interview with. Experts recommend sending them within 24 hours! This means obtaining business cards from each person (or contacting your recruiter for correct contact …

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What to Wear for an Interview - Men

Interviewing – What Should Men Wear to an Interview?

Your primary goal in dressing for an interview is to feel great about the way you look, while projecting an image that aligns with the requirements of the position and company for which you are interested in working. The perceptual experts tell us we have 6 seconds to make a first impression. First impressions are extremely important. …

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Interviewing – Frequently Asked Questions During an Interview

You can never really predict the questions you may be asked in an interview…that’s what keeps it interesting! However, we’ve assembled a list of the questions you’re most likely to be asked based upon our many years of sending candidates out for interviews. The following is a list of questions frequently asked during interviews. While …

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Interviewing – What to Do During the Interview?

During the Interview This section is chock-full of helpful information that will assist you in preparing for the actual interview itself. Fundamentals of a Successful Interview To a large degree, the success of your interview will depend on your ability to discover needs and empathize with the interviewer. In addition to establishing empathy, there are …

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Interviewing – How to start?

Prior to the interview, you have hopefully done plenty of research about the company with which you are interviewing. Studying their website and looking for any recent news or press releases are essential for a successful interview. By doing this, two things will be accomplished: First, it will provide you with the tools to learn …

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10 Interview Questions

10 Questions Asked During an Interview

10 Popular Interview Questions Here are ten mainstream questions that you may be asked. You should be able to answer them quickly, right off the top of your head. What do you like to do in your free time? If you had a day with nothing planned, how would you spend it? Describe your ideal …

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Interviewing Don't Talk About Salary

Interviewing: How to Talk About Salary … Don’t!

How do you handle salary during an interview? When preparing candidates for their interview, we always stress the importance of not talking about money. As your recruiter, it is ProEdit’s responsibility to match the correct job with the correct person. Salary is one of the many things we must take into account. If an applicant …

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