10 Most Commonly Misspelled Words on Resumes

Friends don’t let friends press Send without first proofreading their resumes. Here are the ten most commonly misspelled words found on resumes and the tricks to ensure they don’t get overlooked. 1. Accommodate Remember that the most accommodating folks give you two of everything—like two C’s and two M’s. 2. Personnel Personnel refers to a …

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Paper Airplane Compelling Resume

Your Resume: How to Tell a Compelling Story

Resume Content to Get You Noticed Hiring managers and recruiters are looking for specific content in your resume, so you need to include the right information to land your dream job. You have a unique professional and educational background that sets you apart, so show employers how your past can benefit their future! “Tailor your …

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10 Interview Questions

10 Questions Asked During an Interview

10 Popular Interview Questions Here are ten mainstream questions that you may be asked. You should be able to answer them quickly, right off the top of your head. What do you like to do in your free time? If you had a day with nothing planned, how would you spend it? Describe your ideal …

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Interviewing Don't Talk About Salary

Interviewing: How to Talk About Salary … Don’t!

How do you handle salary during an interview? When preparing candidates for their interview, we always stress the importance of not talking about money. As your recruiter, it is ProEdit’s responsibility to match the correct job with the correct person. Salary is one of the many things we must take into account. If an applicant …

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