Planning a Technical Writing Project

Are you planning a technical writing project? As a technical writer or technical writing manager, creating a documentation plan is essential to the success of your next project. A documentation plan is an overview of the entire project from the perspective of a technical writer. This plan is drafted in the early stages of the …

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Technical Writing Teams - Collaboration

The Revenge of Project Killers

What’s worse than Friday the 13th? The sequels. Okay, that was a cheap shot, but now that I have your attention, what’s really worse than Friday the 13th—even worse than having a black cat cross your path under a ladder? Falling prey to superstitious assumptions when we should know better. Before you think we’re talking …

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Gardening for Entrepreneurs Terraform

Gardening for Entrepreneurs

I love growing things. It really doesn’t matter whether I’m pruning a tomato plant on my deck or figuring out next year’s business strategy for ProEdit. As long as whatever I’m working on is growing and thriving, then all is right with the world. I’ve come to believe that gardening and entrepreneurship actually have a …

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