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[JOB SEARCH HELP] Strange Interview Questions

Strange interview questions: Hiring managers love them. Applicants hate them. Often a hiring manager will use a favorite oddball interview question to assess the applicant’s creative problem solving skills. Sometimes the questions are funny and lighthearted. Other times they can be creepy or downright cruel. When used the wrong way, a weird question can leave …

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Want to be a better writer? Learn to “write small.” Great writers know how to pack loads of meaning and emotion into the fewest possible words. Ernest Hemingway’s works contain powerful examples of small writing. He was once challenged to tell an entire story in only six words. Here’s how he did it: “For sale: …

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Eighth Grade Reading Level

How to Write for an Eighth-Grade Reading Level

When writing documentation, marketing content, or training materials, keeping the audience in mind is an important step in producing effective content. Sometimes, you may be asked to limit your writing to a specific reading level so it’s accessible to a broad range of users. You can monitor the reading level of a document by turning …

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tech writing best practices

Technical Writing Best Practices

There are many opinions about what good technical writing is. Some focus on the importance of consistency and style, and others on the quality of the writing. In every case, technical writing should always be clear, concise, and easy to use. ProEdit’s technical writing services reflect the industry’s best practices, such as: Analyze the audience. Write …

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