Technical Writing Techniques Course – Part 1

Our technical writing techniques training is broken into two courses to provide you with the depth of instruction and hands-on experience you need to transition into the field.

Part 1

In this two-day course, you will learn the essential techniques and methodologies to transition into a technical writing career. You’ll improve your documentation and software skills by creating multiple types of technical documents. We’ll discuss processes, tasks, and the fundamentals of technical documents. This course includes a workshop, during which you will create sample technical documents. Exercises, handouts, hands-on labs, and assignments are included to enhance your ability to complete technical writing projects.

Recommended experience: Some professional experience or completion of Introduction to Technical Writing

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Technical Writing Techniques – Part 1 – Day 1

The Technical Writing Process

  • Understanding the need and the audience
  • Gathering content
  • Subject matter expert (SME) interviews
  • Best practices for collecting information from SMEs

Technical Writing Tasks

  • Creating document outlines
  • Explaining processes
  • Using visual aids
  • Document formats

Technical Writing Techniques – Part 1 – Day 2

Technical Writing Workshop

  • The Microsoft Word interface
  • Templates
  • Tips for writing software instructions
  • Using elearning tools for technical documentation
  • Writing policies and procedures

Document Fundamentals

  • Writing a document outline
  • Writing drafts
  • Conducting document reviews
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Content
  • Index
  • Legal information
  • Organization

Finalizing Documents

  • Revising drafts
  • Peer editing
  • Editing styles
  • Final draft delivery

Expand upon these skills in Technical Writing Techniques – Part 2.

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