Technical Writing Techniques Course – Part 2

Our technical writing techniques training is broken into two courses to provide you with the depth of instruction and the hands-on experience you need to transition into the field.

Part 2

In this two-day course, you will learn how to plan, lead, and complete technical writing projects. You will create project-specific documents, including project plans, statements of work, and status reports. Additionally, you will complete sample technical writing projects while applying the skills you have learned. Successful completion of this course will provide you with the skills needed to be a technical writer for today’s documentation teams.

Recommended experience: Completion of Technical Writing Techniques – Part 1

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Technical Writing Techniques – Part 2 Course Outline

Planning Technical Writing Projects

  • Creating and Maintaining a Project Plan
  • Project Roles
  • Project Status Reports

Technical Writer’s Toolbox

  • Style Guides
  • Software
  • Internet Resources

Project Planning

  • Project Planning Overview
  • Creating a Project Plan

Editing Essentials

  • The Importance of Clean Copy
  • Common Mistakes
  • Editing Checklists

Technical Writing Workshop

  • Instructions for Use
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Document Outlines
  • Writing Drafts
  • Conducting Document Review

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