Utilities Recruiters: Trainers, Writers, and Editors

Utilities Recruiters: Trainers, Writers, and Editors | ProEdit

ProEdit recruits information developers for public and private utility providers.

Safe, reliable utilities depend on competent communicators to run business functions, move public policy, and influence consumer opinion. ProEdit fills this demand by recruiting talented professionals for the utilities industry.

Why ProEdit is Different

We understand information development better than general recruiting firms do. We know what experience makes a bottom-line difference in efficient business communication.

We recommend the best.

  1. We oversee a network of 60,000 professionals, including many with utilities experience.
  2. We use other tools gather more applicants.
  3. Our sophisticated selection process finds the best candidates for objectives.

We’re creative. We believe every placement is a fresh challenge. We adapt our search strategy according to each client’s goals.

We are certified by the American Staffing Association. We value integrity, and we follow industry best practices.

Learn More About Our Candidates

  • Instructional Designer and Trainer Staffing
  • Technical Writer Staffing
  • Editor Staffing
  • Content Developer Staffing
  • Marketing Staffing
  • Business Analyst Staffing

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