Why a Blog Is a Great Investment


Blogging isn’t just for recording your feelings on your personal website. It’s also an increasingly popular marketing tool. Blog posts can be written quickly and edited easily, allowing the versatility to include information and entails that best suit your industry. That’s not all—there are a few more reasons to market using a blog that you may have not thought of. Read on to learn why a blog is a great investment. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the arbiters of advertising in the 21st century. Having Google on your side can make or break a marketing campaign. Designing your content to align with search engine algorithms and improve reach is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is critical if you want your marketing materials to be seen by your target demographic. Fortunately, the freeform nature of blogs makes this easy.

One of the foundational concepts of SEO is that you should include words in your content that your target audience is likely to search. Blog posts are made up of words, so you have plenty of opportunities to do this. Compare this to a YouTube video, where the only searchable text is in the title and description. Well-written blog posts are naturally optimized as they reference the topic multiple times in the post. SEO is just one reason blogs beat out other forms of digital marketing.

Customizable Content

One of the biggest issues with modern advertising is everything is designed to be short and catchy. Billboards are a great example. While this method may work great for selling soda, products and services need more nuance and context for effective marketing strategies. 

Blogs are ideal for developing context. They allow you to customize your message to target specific audiences. For example, if you’re marketing a B2B service, using appropriate jargon is important in order to communicate efficiently with people in your industry. On the other hand, a consumer good may require context about the problem it solves in order for your audience to understand its purpose. The blog format’s depth and versatility are its greatest strengths. 

Repeat Readership

If you can create a blog that publishes content that your target audience enjoys reading, they will subscribe. Blogs differ from traditional advertising in that people actually want to view them. Nobody chooses to look at a billboard once a week, but if your blog includes valuable or interesting information about your industry, people will read it. 

This is any marketer’s dream: to develop a loyal audience who will go out of their way to read your content. Master this and your product or service will become a household name for your readers.

Cost Efficiency

The cost of running a blog is mostly the sum of maintaining a WordPress (or similar) site and paying your writers. Since blogs are typically oriented more around content than aesthetics, graphic designers and web designers are typically not needed for the duration of the publishing of the blog. WordPress and similar services are relatively inexpensive considering the value they provide. No matter the specifics, blogs will typically be cheaper than AdSense campaigns and other more traditional avenues.

The biggest difference between an effective, widely-read blog and those that only exist in the far corners of the internet is the quality of content. While mediocre blogs are common, great blogs require real talent. Developing this kind of talent in-house can be a long and expensive process. ProEdit offers a solution. Outsource your blog writing to leverage a simpler option and more consistent results