3 Mistakes That Obstruct Your Job Search


Looking for a job is stressful, especially when days and weeks stretch into months or years. Here are three ways to make your job search more effective.

1. Play Resume Dodgeball Instead of Ping-Pong.

Some job searchers keep a list of preferred employers. They submit applications and resumes to the highest ranked employer and wait for a response. If it’s a no, they apply at the next company on their list. This ping-pong approach to resume distribution is slow and risky.

Instead, it’s better to play dodgeball. Go ahead and apply for your dream job first, but don’t wait for an interview or rejection to be thrown back before sending your next application to someone else.

2. Don’t Have Intractable Expectations.

Everyone wants to advance their career. Many job seekers make the mistake of applying only for jobs that were better than the last one. This may be okay for a while, but if your job search isn’t gaining traction, it’s probably time to adjust your expectations.

It is okay to take a job that isn’t as prestigious as what you’ve done in the past. When employers see your skills, you may be fast-tracked for a promotion. And if you do get hired for an uninspiring job, you can still keep looking for something better. A brief stint at a lower career level looks better on a resume than an extended period of unemployment, so be willing to relax your expectations.

3. Don’t Go It Alone.

Becoming unemployed can amplify our insecurities. Some people use their job search as a way to prove to themselves that they are capable, competent people. This can be treacherous if they try to find a job on their own.

Seeking help in finding a job is not a sign of weakness. It’s smart. It’s knowing how to network, seeking good advice from trusted sources, and being teachable. And getting others involved improves your chance of getting a good job sooner. “Who you know” doesn’t matter as much as “who you enlist.”

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