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ProEdit Enhances Business Communications.

We edit all types of content, write technical documentation, design and develop elearning, and recruit and staff skilled personnel where they are needed.

ProEdit is a versatile, award-winning team of technical writers, copywriters, instructional designers, editors, document formatters, consultants and recruiters. We help organizations of all sizes and from a wide variety of industries produce their essential content.

With 30 years of experience, ProEdit has refined its technical writing and staffing processes to set the industry standard for content development. We use rigorous hiring protocols and assessments, weekly status reports, and quality assurance reviews to ensure that our employees and placements produce great work for our clients.

ProEdit’s Project Services

Every type of content produced by an organization becomes part of its value proposition.

Communicate more effectively with the guidance of skilled writers and editors who help you develop your content throughout the writing process. All projects include a quality assurance review by ProEdit’s technical editors. We know that working with an external vendor requires valuable internal resources; our experienced project managers help you streamline your involvement.

Our clients continually push the envelope with new ideas and innovative forms of communication. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll customize a project plan. Projects typically include writing, editing, formatting, or some combination of the three. The following are a sample of our most popular project services.


Writing well takes experience, knowing the client’s audience, and focusing on the client’s purpose. Technical writers and copywriters invest the time to understand each client’s business objectives before beginning a writing project.

Writing Services


Editing is a broad set of lenses that an editor brings to your work. It’s not just about grammar and punctuation! It’s also about organization, consistent and appropriate tone, accurate references, logical flow, adherence to your style guide, and correct formatting.

ProEdit’s editors can improve your writing, focus strictly on correcting mistakes, or something in between.

Editing Services


Skilled formatting creates visually appealing documents, training materials, slideshows, websites, etc. Also, formatting automates styles and text features to boost writing efficiency and simplify upkeep over time.

Formatting Services

ProEdit’s Staffing and Recruiting Services

ProEdit’s staffing and recruiting team can help you find the talented writer, instructional designer, or editor you need.

First, we’ll discuss your business objectives for hiring new employees or contractors. Then, we’ll tap our network of thousands of business communicators to develop a slate of candidates.

Next, we screen applicants and find the contract, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire resources that make a bottom-line difference for your organization. We use a tested and rigorous interview process to vet qualified candidates with the right personality and temperament to succeed at your organization.

Finally, you decide who to hire, and we assist with onboarding. Clients trust us because ProEdit’s recruiters recognize exceptional talent and make it easy for you to hire them.

Staffing Services Case Study

An emerging provider of virtual network solutions experienced rapid growth and wanted to increase the production volume and quality of customer-facing documentation. The company asked ProEdit to find senior-level technical writers to collaborate with software engineers and document complex software products. ProEdit’s staffing services team found, interviewed, and recommended experts in technical writing best practices. Not only did these technical writers create great documentation, but they improved new and existing processes, which streamlined documentation production.

Job seekers waiting for their job interview

Browse Jobs in Writing, Editing, Formatting, and Instructional Design

ProEdit’s motto is “Put People to Work.”

We match talented technical and creative writers, instructional designers and developers, and editors with great companies like yours. Our network includes employees and consultants with experience in a range of industries across North America.

Job seekers, use our job portal to apply for an existing position (→) or create a profile (→) to be notified about future positions that are relevant to your experience and interests.

ProEdit’s Elearning Development Services

Elearning Benefits

Elearning is a great way to standardize onboarding, upgrade employee skills, and improve customer understanding. ProEdit instructional designers apply adult learning principles to develop target learning outcomes. Afterward, we build a complete elearning course, pausing at key steps to ensure development meets with your approval.

Elearning Options

Custom elearning takes many forms. Illustrated characters act out scenarios. Animations bring training to life. Computer-generated voiceover is easy to update over time. Voiceover adds a human element. Branded color schemes reinforce company messaging. All of these features are available in ProEdit’s suite of computer-based training tools.

Course Analytics

Courses are built into topical modules and include assessments to evaluate how well users apply what they learn. Learning management systems (LMSs) run the elearning courses and track user progress and assessment performance.

A student taking an elearning course


Produce online training programs that are hosted in a learning management system (LMS).

A view of a tablet with a video chat mlearning course


Configure elearning for mobile devices. ProEdit can help you create fluid designs built for smartphones and tablets.

A team of designers at a table discussing custom training

Custom Training

Build customized online training to deliver more relevance than pre‑packaged elearning topics.

Executive attending a blended learning virtual seminar from an iPad

Blended Learning

Combine elearning and in-person instructor training into a single, integrated program.

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ProEdit shares writing tips, productivity boosters, and fun word info in our blog.

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