What Is a Morpheme?

Most Word People love morphemes, but they may not even know it. A “morpheme” is a word or a part of a word that has a meaning and that contains no smaller part that has a meaning. An example is probably the best way to explain this concept. Let’s begin with the lexical item nation …

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[WORD PEOPLE] Archaic Words

History is full of amazing and sometimes terrible old words. Here are some notables. abroad out of doors advertisement a notice to readers in a book ague malaria or a similar illness aliment food; nourishment animalcule a microscopic animal apothecary a person who prepared and sold medicine asunder apart audition the power of hearing aught …

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35 John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Momentous Presidential Quotes

The annual State of the Union Address reminds us that our presidents sure have some awesome speechwriters. Your tax dollars at work! Here are some notable quotes from each US President. 1. George Washington (1789–1797) ”To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.” “Government is not reason; it …

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Arrow signs saying forwards and backwards

Fun with Palindromes

What in the world is a palindrome? A palindrome is a word or sentence that reads the same forward as it does backward. Here are some cool palindromes for your amusement. Can you make up some of your own? aibohphobia alula cammac civic deified deleveled detartrated devoved dewed evitative Hannah kayak kinnikinnik lemel level madam …

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The 3 Ps of Email

In this age of quick social media posts and tweets, it’s easy to fall into sloppy habits with email correspondences. A poorly written email can leave a lasting, unfavorable impression.

Write with Conviction!

An awesome rant by slam poet, Taylor Mali, on the need for Word People to write with conviction!

Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize for Literature Recipients

There are Word People, and then there are Word Giants! Each year, one writer receives the Nobel Prize for Literature. Take a minute to review this list of all the past recipients of writing’s most prestigious award. Did your favorite author make the grade? 2019 Nobel Prize in Literature Peter Handke “for an influential work that …

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