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ProEdit provides technical writing services for a wide variety of products, companies, and industries. Our skilled writers take complex technical information and make it clear and concise for every audience or user experience. The breadth of our technical communication expertise is unmatched in the marketplace.

What Do ProEdit’s Technical Writers Work On?

Our technical writers work on the following deliverables:

  • End-user documentation, including user manuals, instruction manuals, how-to’s, and knowledge base articles
  • Technical reports, white papers, press releases, and business plans
  • Standard operating procedures and training documentation
  • Content for learning management systems

But that’s certainly not all. We also write software installation guides, online help files, product marketing scripts, wiki pages, FAQs, and product catalogs. We even write technical writing courses tailored for your internal writing teams.

What Is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is the process of making complex information clear to the intended end user in any number of written forms: a report, manual, white paper, script, knowledge base entry, unit of instruction, or blog entry, to name a few.

Here’s an example of technical writing: A technical writer works with a company’s information technology (IT) team to write an end-user manual for the company’s software. The technical writer test-drives the software, typically a beta version, to determine how end users complete tasks within it. If clarification is needed, the technical writer may ask questions of the client’s subject matter experts (SMEs), in this case, the software developers. Then, the technical writer drafts the user manual in a writing style that is succinct and direct while applying document design standards. After the client and its SMEs review the draft, the technical writer makes revisions and delivers the product to the client.

What Skills Do ProEdit’s Technical Writers Have?

ProEdit has a highly skilled team of technical writers ready to tackle your project. We hire U.S.-based, native English speakers who have proven (and tested) writing skills and extensive experience in the technical communication industry. We hire both full-time and part-time technical writers to keep us nimble to meet your project demands. All of our writers have a bachelor’s degree or applicable professional degree, and many have advanced degrees in a wide variety of applicable fields. But a degree isn’t necessarily enough. We employ writers who are fast learners, ready to come up to speed on our client projects, and work well on a team.

Our technical writers also understand and employ industry-standard document design techniques. They focus on the usability of the technical content they produce. They all have advanced skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), TechSmith SnagIt, and Adobe’s technical communication products. We also use Madcap Flare.

But the skills of the best technical writers go beyond writing. An A+ technical writer has astute communication skills. Our writers interact daily with clients and their subject matter experts, who provide our writers with complex information that must be culled into clear and usable technical content. Client interaction may also include video calls, face-to-face content-gathering meetings, and visits to client facilities (for example, a manufacturing plant.)

What Is ProEdit’s Approach to Technical Writing Projects?

We work closely with you to understand the specific nature of your technical writing project. We scope the project, assemble a team of the best technical writers, and then complete the project to 100% satisfaction. Our technical writing approach is consultative, process-driven, team-based, and specific to your technical content needs.

We are consultative. ProEdit takes earning your business seriously. Before scoping the project, we work with your subject matter experts and stakeholders to understand your current challenges. Then, we tailor our approach into a cost-saving, successful technical documentation solution. We blend technical communication best practices, methodologies, and expertise to deliver value and success.

We are process-driven. Over 30 years, ProEdit has developed mature draft and review processes for creating great technical content and managing successful projects. We employ a continuous feedback loop between clients and our team to consistently refine our processes.

We are team-based. We assemble superior technical writing teams for each engagement, whether we are working remotely or bringing our team to you. We believe successful teams have the right mix of writing skills, experience, and personality. Every project team also includes a technical editor, who ensures your technical documentation is accurate, free of errors, and follows your style guide.

I’m Interested in Technical Writing Jobs

Are you looking for a new technical writing job? Or is instructional design, business writing, or report writing something you are interested in? Let us know! We are always looking for outstanding writers to join our team. Follow us on social media for the latest information, and share your thoughts with us on our blog.

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