Direct-Hire Staffing Services

Locating the perfect employee for your organization can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. ProEdit understands the challenges of recruiting and hiring top talent, and we offer direct-hire staffing services to help you find the best candidate for your team.

We are not your typical staffing agency or recruiting firm. ProEdit maintains America’s largest network of instructional designers, technical writers, content developers, and editors. We have hiring and onboarding in the technical communication industry covered. We’ve been specific to the industry for more than 30 years.

Whether you need to fill an open position immediately or are looking for a strategic new hire for future growth, ProEdit can help.

Strategic Direct-Hire Staffing Solutions

When it comes to your hiring needs, our recruiters understand that making the right direct-hire placement is a strategic solution. So, we carefully screen and evaluate potential employees to ensure that they not only meet your job requirements but also fit your organizational environment.

With ProEdit, you can trust that we will identify qualified candidates who meet your job description criteria on all levels, from technical skills to cultural fit. We believe in looking ahead to what a permanent employee can contribute to your in-house team over the long term.

With ProEdit’s direct-hire staffing services, you can save time, money, and energy in your recruitment process. And we reduce your risk of a bad hire.

What are the Benefits of Direct-Hire Staffing?

Most job seekers want stability—in their personal life and their professional life too. Direct-hire staffing allows you to offer a full-time position with employment benefits from the start. This provides a better incentive for top candidates to accept your job offer.

Hiring managers are human resources staff are busy! Many don’t have time to review the hundreds of applicants for each position in this market. ProEdit vets and screens candidates, providing you with only the best candidates that meet your requirements.

Our recruiting team’s approach also saves you the additional time and cost of managing the hiring process yourself. If you’ve been struggling for weeks to fill a job opening with only a handful of passive candidates who don’t seem very interested, it may be time to consider ProEdit’s direct-hire staffing services. With our extensive candidate network and proactive recruiting approach, we can help you onboard qualified candidates for your job opening quickly and efficiently.

What is ProEdit’s Direct-Hire Staffing Process?

ProEdit’s direct-hire staffing and recruiting process is designed to find the best permanent employees with the skillsets that match your requirements and company culture. Our recruiting team works closely with you to identify candidates who match your criteria on all levels. We screen each candidate through the interview process and administer assessments to find a skillset and culture fit.

We check each candidate’s professional references, obtain work samples, and administer criminal background checks. We’re not just looking at what a permanent placement can contribute to your organization now; we’re looking ahead to their future contributions to your team.

What is the Fee to Direct-Hire Top Talent?

ProEdit’s direct-hire staffing service fee is a percentage of the first year’s annual salary of the new hire. Our standard 20% fee is invoiced at the time of the new hire’s start. So, if your new full-time employee will make $89,000, your fee will be $17,800.

ProEdit’s fee structure is competitive with traditional staffing agencies and recruiting firms. However, we are experts in our industry, providing more value and expertise, as well as more qualified candidates for your open positions. Additionally, we help you negotiate the final offer and assist with onboarding. This value is unmatched in the staffing industry.

And if it doesn’t work out with your new hire, we provide a prorated refund policy.

What are the advantages of a Direct-Hire Placement?

Some advantages of direct-hire placement include:

  1. Control over the hiring process: While working with ProEdit’s recruiting team, you have control over the candidate selected for the position, what the salary and benefits are, and how your new employee is onboarded.
  2. Better retention rates: Since direct-hire employees are hired as permanent employees, they tend to have a greater sense of job security and stability, which can lead to higher job satisfaction and better retention rates.
  3. Improved candidate quality: Direct-hire placement through ProEdit allows you access to a wider pool of qualified candidates. You are not limited to the passive candidates you can locate on your own.
  4. Increased productivity: When you hire a direct-hire employee for a permanent position, you can expect a higher level of productivity, because they are not thinking about finding their next job and can instead focus on their long-term career within the company.
  5. Cost savings: While direct-hire placement may have a higher upfront cost, overall, it can be more cost-effective than using contractors because there are no ongoing agency fees and there is less need for training and supervision of part-time or contract workers.

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