Editing Staffing

ProEdit’s editing staffing team has a pool of talented editors with expertise in a variety of styles and materials. No matter what kind of content you’re developing, our editors will improve the quality of your materials.

About Our Editors

ProEdit’s editors review content prior to distribution and also work as consultants for writers to help them refine their process and style.

There are many benefits to hiring an editor. Our diligent editors guard your organization’s professional image by reviewing your materials for the following:

  • Mechanics: To ensure correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word usage
  • Clarity: To identify content that is unclear and pose suggested rewrites
  • Brevity: To eliminate wordiness and clearly present concepts
  • Style: To maintain consistency and adhere to industry style standards
  • Audience sensitivity: To address language bias that may potentially impair your relationship with your audience
  • Tone: To ensure that the tone is appropriate for the given audience and subject matter

Our staffing team can quickly identify the best talent to meet your needs. Contact us today.

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