ProEdit Wins Another APEX Award for Publication Excellence in Technical Writing


ProEdit has won a tenth APEX Award.

ProEdit submits some of the team’s favorite work for consideration in the APEX Awards. This year, our team was honored to receive an APEX Award in the technical communication category.

The competition draws writers, designers, and communicators from across the industry. ProEdit’s latest submission was a 72-page technical manual for an international non-profit organization. We designed the manual for print and digital with branded colors and logos, facing pages, software screenshots, and bright, bold headings.

The APEX Award winners list recognizes the project’s lead technical writer, ProEdit’s founder Doug Davis. Doug would also like to recognize the contributions of several other writers and editors on the ProEdit team.

“I am very proud of everyone at ProEdit. You all work hard every day, and this award is just another affirmation that we do great work for our clients. Good job.”
Doug Davis

APEX Awards

  • 2017 – Award of Excellence, Technical and Technology Writing
  • 2015 – Award of Excellence, Infographics
  • 2014 – Award of Excellence, Education & Training Campaigns, Programs & Plans
  • 2013 – Award of Excellence, Education & Training Brochures, Manuals & Reports
  • 2012 – Award of Excellence, Product & Software Manuals
  • 2009 – Award of Excellence, Technical Writing
  • 2007 – Grand Award, Brochures, Manuals & Reports
  • 2007 – Award of Excellence, One-of-a-Kind – Web and Electronic Publication
  • 2006 – Award of Excellence, Web and Intranet Site Content & Writing
  • 2006 – Award of Excellence, Hardware & Software Manuals

Society of Technical Communication Awards

  • 2009 – Merit Award, Online Communication Competition
  • 2009 – Merit Award, Technical Publication Competition
  • 2006 – Merit Award, Online Communication Competition
  • 2006 – Merit Award, Technical Publication Competition
  • 1998 – Achievement, Printed Publication Competition
  • 1996 – Sustaining Organization

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