Words You Shouldn’t Use When Writing

Words are easy to use, and even easier to overuse. Jargon, cliches, and trendy terms can diminish your credibility and make your content read as generic or vague. Filler words pad the word count but don’t add anything of value to your writing. Sometimes, the word itself is just plain wrong. We’ve all been guilty …

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cat under the christmas tree

Deck the Halls: A Festive, Furry Guide for Celebrating the Holidays with Pets

For many of us, our furry, scaly, and feathered friends are just as much a part of the family as anyone else. Of course, nothing can spoil holiday celebrations like a trip to the emergency veterinary clinic. This Q&A guide is full of tips (and purr-fect puns) you can use to keep the winter holiday season safe and festive for all.

rewrite edit text on a typewriter

What Are the Different Types of Editing?

Every piece of writing needs editing, from marketing materials to training manuals, social media posts, website content, and everything in between. The editing process helps you create the best version of your written content possible.

A Writer’s Guide to Vacationing

Not taking time off can really stop up your creative flow. This guide will help you find the “write” way to enjoy your next vacation.