Telling Your Story Using the ProEdit Approach

Great writing moves the world. Every day, companies rely on ProEdit to tell their story, teach their employees, hire staff, and explain their products.

Creative Teamwork

Each project begins with a kickoff meeting. We discuss your business objectives and outline a plan to meet your deadline.

Our award-winning team of writers, editors, and instructional designers learn your company voice to develop content that speaks to your audience. We apply industry best-practices throughout the process. Our work is always complete, correct, cogent, and compliant.

Each stage of the project gets an internal review. More creatives working together make your project better.

Staying in the Loop

We take on projects lasting from an afternoon to thousands of hours. Weekly status reports keep you up-to-date on everything we’re doing. You can also reach out anytime you have something to discuss.

At major project milestones, we check in with you to make sure that your project is on the right track. Take a look at your drafts and let us know how we’re doing. We integrate your revisions into the final draft.

Built on Relationship

Exceptional projects are built on relationship. Knowing you well lets us tell your story better than anyone else can. It’s about helping your communication reach its full potential.

Finally, we plan our schedule to give your final draft the deep review it needs before we hit send.

Finishing Well

There’s no feeling like finishing a project that you know will make a difference.

World-changing communication depends on words and people. That’s who we are.

Contact ProEdit today to tell us how we can help you tell your story.

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