Half the World Is Now Online


More people are using the internet from mobile devices than ever before, and social media is changing how companies provide content and do e-commerce.

We Are Social and Hootsuite have published Digital in 2017 Global Overview, which details worldwide internet and social media statistics. The report provides data about internet penetration, social media usage, mobile phone subscriptions, and much more.

The report is below.

Half of the world’s population is now online, which is a testament to the speed with which digital connectivity is helping to improve people’s lives.

The increase in internet users in developing economies is particularly encouraging.

Given this latest data, it’s probably time for us to stop referring to social as “new media,” and integrate it more seamlessly into our day-to-day activities.

Simon Kemp, We Are Social

Social media use increased an incredible 47% in the last year. Mobile social media grew by 44%. These numbers are broken out by region, along with reported broadband speeds and time spent online each day. This is valuable, since different audiences may want fast, efficient experiences or richer, longer distractions.

Increased social adoption is causing a decline in the role of traditional websites. The report offers Vox, Buzzfeed, and Vice as examples of brands exploring distribution options without a website anchor.

The report includes hundreds of statistics, observations, and inferences that professionals across the content development industry will find helpful.

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Digital in 2017 Global Overview

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