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Businesses frequently use learning management systems (LMSs) to enhance online training and elearning initiatives

That’s why these systems are increasingly becoming key parts of instructional design and employee training. These articles explain some of the major LMSs for the following:

  • Instructional designers and training professionals trying to stay up to date with all the different LMSs organizations are using, and,
  • Business leaders looking to implement a new LMS or better understand the one they have

This article series explores different LMSs on the market today, considering their various applications for designing and conducting corporate training and education initiatives.


CourseMill is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is typically used for workforce training. This custom-branded learning portal provides companies with tools and resources to make training courses more organized and accessible.

Features & Benefits

Like other LMSs, CourseMill offers standard features like calendars, instant messaging, document sharing, grade postings, and forums. Users receive notification emails when content is updated; calendars are also automatically updated.

The system is especially efficient for corporate training and is offered in eight different languages.

Enrollment Options: One of the unique features of CourseMill is that participants can enroll themselves rather than have to go through administration or instructors. They can also de-enroll or “drop” a course on their own. Instructors, participants, and administrators can administer, manage, track, and take online courses and curriculum more effectively than through traditional course management.

Hosting Options: The CourseMill system can be maintained on a local server, or Trivantis can host the content on its servers. CourseMill handles all of the technical implementation, including security, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Customization: CourseMill offers a variety of customizable features. A company can include its own branding and logo to personalize the course. A company can also determine which features it wishes to incorporate into the system. This allows those in charge of the training initiative to choose only those features that are most beneficial and applicable to the course.

Security: Users have complete control over privacy settings, so they can be changed to best meet the users’ convenience and protect information.

Shopping Cart: One of the unique features of CourseMill is its shopping cart option. If the course requires or offers materials for purchase, participants can purchase them directly from the course site. This makes preparing for the course or obtaining additional materials convenient.

Mobile Interactivity: CourseMill is available on mobile devices, such as iPhones and Android systems. Instructors, participants, and administrators can access the LMS directly onto their phones, a benefit that other LMSs have yet to offer. In addition to offering the standard calendar feature, CourseMill allows the calendar to be sent to Outlook, Yahoo, Google, Lotus Notes, and iCal, so course calendars can easily be shared between accounts, allowing participants to access their calendars through a variety of platforms.

Other features include:

  • Key words and phrases searching
  • Search filters
  • Bulk registration
  • Curriculum organization
  • AICC and SCORM compliance

Overall, CourseMill can serve any business size and is most beneficial to corporate training settings.

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