Outstanding Customer Service

Every company wants to provide outstanding service for their customers, right? Customer retention, referrals, repeat business, improved SEO ranking—these are all good reasons to be the best you can be in the area of customer service.

But delivering on this goal is easier said than done. Where do you begin? Here are seven tried-and-true techniques that are guaranteed to push your customer service to the next level!

  • Hit the Road: Face-to-face interaction reminds customers that you are working for them. Get out and visit at least one customer each and every week.
  • Don’t Rely on Email: When you can’t be there in person, use the telephone. Email is great, but don’t completely rely on it. The sound of your voice will personalize the relationship with the customer, and it often takes less time to call or visit than to compose a carefully crafted email. If all of that wasn’t enough, you can avoid a LOT of potential miscommunication by using the telephone instead of email.
  • Follow Up: This one speaks for itself. If you say you’ll do something, do it. If someone needs something from you, send it. Deliver on your promises, and check in with the customer at regular intervals. While you’re at it, ask how the client’s sick dog is doing (assuming they actually have a dog!). They always appreciate that personal touch.
  • Take Care of the Customer First: This seems obvious, but in case you missed it, take care of your customers first and foremost. Before paperwork. Before your email. Before Facebook. Their needs should be at the top of your daily To-Do list.
  • Speak When Spoken To: Hopefully, your mama taught you this—and you don’t want to make mama mad! Wait for the right opportunity to speak and share insight, but don’t assume anyone wants it. Speak when it’s your turn, and don’t interrupt.
  • Listen and Observe: You can learn a lot by silently listening and observing. It’s hard to be patient, but opportunities often present themselves when you’re listening and observing.
  • Stay Calm: Work can be stressful, especially if a project or order is behind. Stay calm and think clearly, especially before you speak to your customer. If you need to take a lap around the building or do 20 pushups, do what it takes to stay calm.

Written by: Daniel Griesbeck
Daniel Griesbeck has been with ProEdit since 2000. He has served as a content developer and project manager. He currently serves in our growing business development department. He lives in Woodstock, GA, with his wonderful wife, Althea, and three sons. Daniel loves to read, play Legos, and duel light sabers with his boys. He is still on an emotional high that his beloved Cardinals won the World Series.

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