Remote Working Attracts More Qualified Job Applicants


Right now, it is difficult to find talented job seekers to fill open positions. Remote working can change the equation.

Recent observations from our staffing team suggest that remote working opportunities can increase the number of skilled candidates.

The Talent Pool Is Small Right Now

Unemployment is actually lower than it has been. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that US unemployment was below 5% from May 2016 to August 2016. This was down from above 6% two years prior. Basically, many more people are working.

This is good news. After all, ProEdit exists to put people to work. However, this good news has consequences.

Having fewer unemployed workers means that the pool of talented candidates is smaller. Essentially, there are fewer job applicants with exceptional experience.

This presents a problem for employers who are hiring. How do you attract talented professionals when there are so few of them actively searching for jobs?

A Job Market Case Study

Our staffing team has received many challenging job requisitions lately. Companies are looking for niche experience. With fewer people looking for jobs, it can be difficult to find candidates with experience to match what companies want. It’s difficult—but not impossible.

Most of these challenging job requisitions require employees to live close by. These companies expect their employees to work on site every day.

However, one of our tech company clients allows remote working. The experience requirements are just as rigorous as our other clients’ demands. And yet, our staffing team received a flood of compelling resumes.

Remote working opportunities definitely attract talented workers.

Remote Working Is Attractive to Everyone

First, studies have shown that employees love remote working. Workers can manage their priorities better. They can wear what they want, and even spend more time with the dog.

Second, employers also like remote working. It reduces turnover while motivating employees to be themselves. Remote working protects the environment and saves a lot of money.

Companies that struggle to attract qualified candidates should consider remote working. Great people want to work from home. Offer remote working opportunities to attract more qualified candidates.

Want Help?

ProEdit staffing services assist clients at all stages of the hiring process. We find top technical and creative talent across industries.

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