We Traded In Our Office for Productivity

All ProEdit employees work from home now. For a company that’s had offices for decades, “going virtual” is a major shift in how we do business. The benefits have been immediate:

1. Increased Productivity

We work in the environment that suits us. We can choose a standing desk in our home office, a collaboration space at business meet up spots, or the comfy chair at a coffee shop. And if the pool deck has Wi-Fi, why not? Customized work space means we all choose what works for us.

2. Better Quality

We do most of our work during normal business hours, but early birds and night owls can get a head start while they are at their best. Officeless autonomy also dodges distractions. All this leads to better attention to detail.

3. Less Stress

When we ditched the office, we also ditched the commute. Some of us spent over twelve hours a week slogging through the infamous Atlanta traffic. Being closer to home means we can spend more time with family, even managing emergencies like sick kids and snow days without disrupting the company schedule. This preserves time off for the adventures we really want to pursue. Happy, unstressed employees are more effective.

How We Do It

Working from home, or from anywhere else, is possible through communication tools like Google Hangouts, VOIP, and GoToMeeting. Our data is protected in the Cloud, from our CRM, to internal documents, to client projects. We can all access everything from anywhere on almost any device.

Organizationally, how we work with our customers and our standard of excellence remains the same. The only difference is where we work.

We are thrilled about our new arrangement, and we fully expect our clients to reap the greatest benefit. Welcome to virtual ProEdit!

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