What’s a Kangaroo Word? Here’s an example for every letter.


A kangaroo word contains the letters of a synonym in the correct order.

The synonyms nestled inside a kangaroo word are called joey words. This is a reference to how baby kangaroos cuddle inside their mothers’ pouches.

The letters that make up joey words can be adjacent or otherwise, but they should appear in the proper sequence, unlike anagrams. You get bonus points if the joey words are not related etymologically.

Kangaroo Word Examples

There are tons of kangaroo words hopping around out there. Here are a few examples for you to box around:

  • Abnormality: anomaly
  • Balderdash: blah
  • Catacomb: tomb
  • Dismayed: sad
  • Entwined: tied
  • Falsified: lied
  • Granulated: grated
  • Honorable: noble
  • Infuriated: irate
  • Jollity: joy
  • Kindred: kin
  • Lighted: lit
  • Misinterpreted: erred
  • Nourished: nursed
  • Ornamented: ornate
  • Precipitation: rain
  • Quintuplet: quintet
  • Rambunctious: raucous
  • Stealthy: sly
  • Tracked: traced
  • Unanimity: unity
  • Veracity: verity
  • Weakening: waning
  • Yearning: yen

Twin Kangaroo Words

Twin kangaroo words have two or more joey words snuggled inside them. Some examples are down under:

  • Complaisant: compliant & pliant
  • Frangible: fragile & frail
  • Perambulate: ramble & amble

Anti-Kangaroo Words

Anti-kangaroo words contain antonyms instead of synonyms. Here’s the rest of the zoo:

  • Animosity: amity
  • Covert: overt
  • Exacerbate: abate

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