Why You Should Outsource Your Company’s Blog Writing Needs


Blogs are an effective and versatile method of marketing in today’s digital world. Creating an interesting blog requires a variety of abilities and expertise. These include things like industry knowledge, writing skills, marketing skills, SEO skills, and website maintenance. 

Is your company interested in creating a blog, but lacks the in-house resources to make it happen? Outsourcing may be the best option.

You Get a Better Value

Outsourcing blog creation tends to yield a bigger bang for your buck. First, blogs that are written and maintained by experts tend to drive more traffic and are overall higher quality marketing content. You’re gonna get more exposure, and thus more revenue, per post if it’s written by someone who specializes in blog creation. You need consistent, high-quality posts to increase readership, and hiring experts is the best way to ensure this. 

Second, outsourcing your blogs is often cheaper than keeping the work internal. While the price per blog post may be comparable, think about the training hours required to cultivate a team that can consistently produce good posts. Also, if you decide to create another blog or increase the number of posts, scaling up is much easier when there is a large, established team that specializes in this type of marketing. You would save money and time—and guarantee quality—by outsourcing. 

You Don’t Have to Compromise

For many, the word “outsourcing” can have a negative connotation. You may be hesitant that the blog will feel impersonal or cookie-cutter, but this is often not the case. Writers seek to establish constant dialogue and get a genuine understanding of your blog’s needs. Discussing your industry with writers allows them to do their job better and produce content that makes sense for your company. If the writing company is large enough, you may have the option to pick writers that suit your style or specific needs.

Instead of developing in-house talent, outsource your writing for a more cost-effective process that doesn’t compromise value for creativity. Do your research, and stay clear of content farms. A content farm is a company that produces low-quality online content, often using minimal research or scraping content from other, more reputable sites. Their writers may have little to no understanding of your subject matter, striving for “good enough” material at a low price point. Remember—you get what you pay for, and the cheapest option may not pay out in the long run.

You Have Plenty of Options

Blogging is an increasingly popular method of marketing, and the industry is growing. A wide variety of firms offer blog writing services. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when selecting a writing company:


You don’t want a writing company that just asks for a list of prompts and your budget. Instead, look for a company that makes a concerted effort to establish a relationship with its clients and create exactly what is right for you.


Look for a company that has experience writing blogs for many industries and topics. Look for a variety of scale and depth in their past work. A good writing firm will cater to your needs. This includes the budget. Seek out a firm that will work with small businesses at that scale, as this is an indicator of flexibility and experience.

If you do decide to outsource, look to ProEdit. ProEdit offers blog writing services that work with any industry, at any scale. Our writers have diverse experiences producing content for an array of organizations and certainly have the talent to suit yours.