[WORD PEOPLE] 10 Words That Don’t Mean What They Originally Did

English is a tricky language. You’re pretty sure you know what a word means, then you blink twice and its meaning has changed entirely.

Here are ten examples:

  • Bully
  • Current meaning: someone who mocks or harms those who are weaker
    Original meaning: a good fellow

  • Pretty
  • Current meaning: attractive
    Original meaning: tricky or cunning

  • Sad
  • Current meaning: subdued or sorrowful
    Original meaning: content

  • Stupid
  • Current meaning: lacking intelligence
    Original meaning: amazing

  • Last
  • Current meaning: final
    Original meaning: highest

  • Brave
  • Current meaning: courageous
    Original meaning: showy

  • Amuse
  • Current meaning: entertain
    Original meaning: cheat or deceive

  • Meat
  • Current meaning: the flesh of an animal as food
    Original meaning: any food

  • Cute
  • Current meaning: attractive in a pretty or endearing way
    Original meaning: keenly perceptive, shrewd

  • Mugger
  • Current meaning: a person who attacks and robs another in a public place
    Original meaning: a person who makes mugs

Source: List25.com

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